References of ACOs expertise in Surface Water Management
See our products in action in these interesting case studies from all over the world!

El Dorado Airport in Bogotá • Colombia

The well planned installation of ACO Qmax enabled a ressource efficient modernization of the south american airport

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Jorge Newbery Airport in Buenos Aires • Argentina

The easy to install lightweight and high capacity ACO seperator plays an important part in protecting the ground water

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Alfredo Vásquez Cobo Airport in Leticia • Colombia

The line drainage is planned to withstand even high rates of rainfall in the rainforest and therefore ensures a reliable operation of the airport

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Toronto-Pearson International Airport in Toronto • Canada

ACO Stormbrixx create a long-term sustainable solution for heavy rain and water protection thanks to the structural strength of the soakaway crates

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Viracopos International Airport in São Paulo • Brazil

The ACO DRAIN® Monoblock is designed to be used for heavy duty applications and is available for load class F900

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