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References of ACOs expertise in Surface Water Management
See our products in action in these interesting case studies from all over the world!

Valmiera city rainwater treatment • Latvia

The ACO DRAIN® Multiline channel system, cleaning shaft and oil separators were combined into a compact solution for high flow rates.

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Son Sant Juan Airport in Palma de Mallorca • Spain

The smart combination of ACO Qmax and ACO Qmax Neo lead to a very competitive offer. The flexible product portfolio within the Qmax family was an important selling point for the contractor

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Copenhagen Climate Tile • Denmark

The smartified ACO Stormbrixx geocellular stormwater management system makes a significant contribution to improving the local microclimate

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Toronto-Pearson International Airport in Toronto • Canada

ACO Stormbrixx create a long-term sustainable solution for heavy rain and water protection thanks to the structural strength of the soakaway crates

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Viracopos International Airport in São Paulo • Brazil

The ACO DRAIN® Monoblock is designed to be used for heavy duty applications and is available for load class F900

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