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Decentralized rainwater treatment

Drinking water is precious as never before. Contamination caused by flooding and storage of harmful substances cause increasing problems with drinking water production. On this account, a re-thinking in handling the valuable ressouce took place in recent years. Natural water balance should be disrupted as little as possible or rather re-established as good as possible.

Rainwater management has a high priority to urban water management. The requirements for systems and products have grown and there is a high demand for integrated, sustainable, decentralized system solutions. Plants for stormwater treatment, such as ACO Heavy metal separator (HMS), protect infiltration systems from blockage and pollution.

For example, stormwater from uncoated roof covers made of copper, zinc and lead is discharged. As a general rule, according to European Water Framework Directive, a pre-treatment of stormwater is required before it is discharged into sewer systems, receiving waters or infiltration.