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ACO DRAIN® - linear drainage

Linear drainage presents a more efficient alternative to the previously common point drainage. One of its main advantages is the requirement for slope only from 2 sides (as opposed to 4 in point drainage). This results in less piping and associated installation costs. ​

Additionally, it greatly enhances the architectural impression, appearing much more aesthetic. Particularly when utilizing ACO's range of design gratings. Some of these have also been awarded the Red Dot Award for design excellence.​

Typical linear drainage applications:​

  • Transport infrastructure​

  • Urban infrastructure​

  • Logistics centres​

  • Highways and motorways​

  • Public spaces​

  • Office complexes and shopping malls​

  • Parking lots and underground garages​

ACO Qmax®

ACO Qmax is the combination of drainage and retention. There are no limits related to the application field – everything is possible with ACO Qmax, from utilizing it as a slotted channel in pedestrian areas to the drainage of large surface areas with heavy traffic.

The plastic channel are easy and quick to assemble due to their low weight.

The channel bodies of the larger nominal widths have an enormous retention volume.

ACO DRAIN® Multiline

The product range of ACO DRAIN Multiline® creates plenty of scope for intelligent design and construction solutions. You can choose from variety of materials for frames and gratings, various nominal widths and add-ons.

The channel system therefore enables flexible linear drainage for a wide range of applications.

ACO Multiline is the channel equipped with a seal as a standard.

ACO DRAIN® PowerDrain

The ACO DRAIN® channel system not only offers watertightness as standard thanks to the integrated seal at the joint but is also equipped with a 12 mm cast iron edge rail and the extra strengthened channel body.

ACO DRAIN® PowerDrain plays a crucial role in heavy-duty applications serving as the cornerstone for effectively managing precipitation.

PowerDrain for all areas of use.

ACO DRAIN® Powerblock

Fit for use in applications with maximum load and highest requirements.

A new type of channel system that combines the positive properties of our heavy-duty channels ACO PowerDrain and ACO Monoblock.

The best of everything. ACO DRAIN® Powerblock – especially for applications in class F 900 and beyond. ACO is setting new standards in the area of heaviest loads.


ACO DRAIN® PowerDrain Family​
The ACO PowerDrain offers a wide range of channels and gratings, which can be used in various solutions on site.​

ACO KerbDrain Tunnel | Linear tunnel drainage

ACO Drain®Box | Powerful for heavy rain

ACO Drain®Box Road | Powerful for heavy rain

Pic Qmax Neo

ACO DRAIN® Qmax Neo 300 | Slot channel for drainage and retention