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Highest quality for maximum safety

Airports pose some of the most challenging demands within infrastructure projects. They must navigate extensive paved and built-up areas, enduring extreme traffic loads from both air traffic and supporting transportation systems. With numerous impermeable surfaces, airports face the risk of severe runoff during sudden precipitation, potentially disrupting operations and leading to pollution from runoff pollutants.​

These surfaces are susceptible to tire abrasion from aircraft and handling equipment, fuel spills, and substances essential for smooth and safe operations. Similarly, adjacent parking areas accommodate thousands of vehicles daily, contributing to the bustling airport environment.​

A notable feature is the airport terminal building, resembling a small town with its shops, dining facilities, accommodations, sanitary amenities, and staff areas. ​

All this must be managed while prioritizing safety.​

ACO stands as a reliable partner, offering a wide portfolio and unique expertise to address all airport-related challenges. Whether it's airport buildings, external areas, or runway surfaces, we provide tailored solutions backed by extensive experience from numerous airport projects worldwide.​

Our commitment to quality​

At ACO, safety and quality are our top priorities because we believe in their mutual connection. That's why our products adhere to strict European and international standards and are certified by reputable institutions to ensure their maximum safety during operation.​

  • ISO 9001​
  • ISO 14001 and 5001​
  • EN 1433​
  • EN 124​
  • KIWA ​ (third party control)​
  • MPI Nord and MPA ​ (material testing institutes)​
  • LGA (German Quality Institute)​
  • GET (Quality Association for Drainage Technology)​
  • DIBT (German Institute for Building Technology)​
  • Member of the World Plumbing Council​
  • Member of German Sustainable Building Council​ ​

Suitable Products for Airports