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ACO Stormbrixx​

Sustainable stormwater solution for infiltration, retention and reuse of water​

Groundwater infiltration, retention and controlled release of stormwater are central aspects of stormwater management. The ACO Stormbrixx presents a distinctive and patented plastic geocellular stormwater management system. With its intelligent components, ACO Stormbrixx provides a diverse array of options for an effective stormwater management system.​

The Stormbrixx system consists of:

Product benefits:​

  • Extraordinary stability including brick bonding​

  • The patented brick bonding and across bonding features provides a strong, long-term installation and helps to improve the construction speed of the tank​

  • Certified performance with beyond the standards high frequency series production testing​

  • High void ratios which minimizes excavation volume​

  • Low carbon footprint due to recyclable material and logistical benefits​

  • Remote and man access for ease of maintenance​

  • The stackable design reduces transportation costs​

  • Can be configured to minimise silt accumulation​

  • Added feature of a low flow and drain down facility ensuring that the system can be properly maintained throughout its life​


Airports, distribution yards, highways, industrial estates, landscaping, parking areas, pedestrian precincts, ports and docks, retail developments, SUDS – Sustainable drainage systems.​

Certification for structural stability:​

National certification bodies certify products for the needs of the local markets. Based on practical experience and technical demands local standards are excepted for various applications across national borders.​