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Logistic Areas
Areas facing daily extreme traffic loads

Logistic areas rank among the most heavily trafficked zones, typically comprising large impermeable complexes that face daily extreme traffic loads. Whether its trucks delivering and transporting goods or handling equipment such as forklifts assisting with loading and unloading, both vehicle types often involve intricate maneuvers, leading to roadway stress and wear on tires, brakes, and engines.​

The inherent nature and scale of operations foreshadow the presence of substantial operational fluids, accidental leakage of which could cause immense harm to the environment. Due to the high concentration of harmful pollutants combined with expansive paved impermeable surfaces, logistics zones stand as high-risk areas. Implementing suitable drainage solutions and water treatment technologies becomes paramount. This ensures not only safe operations within the area but also safeguards threatened water bodies from contaminated runoff.​

Discover ACO's solution tailored for logistics. Effectively managing and treating runoff, our innovative drainage and water treatment technologies offer a simple yet secure approach.​

ACO solution for logistic areas (beverage production)

ACO solution for logistic areas (shopping mall)

Suitable Products for Logistic Areas