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ACO Showcases Climate-Resilient Water Solutions at IFAT 2024

When it comes to the world's leading trade fair focusing on Water, Sewage, Waste, and Raw Materials Management, IFAT stands out as the premier event. This year, the main theme is "Adaptation to the Consequences of Climate Change," and ACO is at the forefront with its innovative solutions.

At ACO, we understand the challenges posed by climate change and are dedicated to providing sustainable water management solutions. Visit our booth at IFAT 2024 to learn more about our offerings in key areas such as:

  • Highways: Some of the busiest arteries in our transport system, where correct water management is vital for safety and flow. High traffic loads contribute to water runoff pollution, and our solutions are designed to handle these challenges effectively.

  • Blue-Green Infrastructure: A significant topic addressing the impacts of the climate crisis in urban areas. Discover how our systems capture and cleanse water, making it usable for urban greenery and more.

  • Industrial Applications: Facing true challenges in extreme conditions? Our products are built to withstand extreme stress and flows, providing reliable performance in demanding environments.

Additionally, take advantage of our premium consultation services available during IFAT 2024. Whether you are tackling large-scale engineering projects or need expert advice on integrating sustainable practices, our specialist, Frad, will be available for one-on-one consultations. Ensure you get the most out of your visit by pre-arranging a meeting with Fred to discuss your specific requirements and how ACO can assist in achieving your project objectives.

Book your consultation now by reaching out to us directly via email at Don’t miss this opportunity to gain expert insights and tailored advice from ACO's professionals.

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Join us at IFAT 2024 to explore how ACO's climate-resilient solutions can make a difference in your projects. Together, we can tackle the challenges of today and prepare for a sustainable future.

Venue: IFAT Munich 2024

Termin: May 13-17 2024

Hall/Booth: B3.239/338

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