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Specification tools

In the dynamic field of surface water management, specification tools are indispensable for enhancing efficiency and precision in selecting the right solutions. These tools are crucial for accelerating response times, ensuring that the chosen systems are perfectly suited to the specific environmental and infrastructural needs.

With the aid of specification tools, professionals within an organization can swiftly navigate through a comprehensive range of options, comparing different materials and configurations to find the optimal fit. These tools significantly reduce the risk of errors in selecting systems, which can lead to costly and time-consuming rectifications down the line.

Currently, our specification tools are available exclusively for internal use, providing our team with a competitive edge in proposal development and project planning.

External users interested in leveraging these powerful resources are encouraged to contact their local ACO organization. Our expert representatives are on hand to provide personalized assistance, guiding you through the specifications to ensure your project's success with ACO's trusted solutions.

ACO SWT Quick Selection Tool

International tool for specification of your stormwater management projects



International tool for specification of light liquid separators


ACO Access Covers

International tool for specification of ACO Access Covers