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ACO Light Liquid Separators

Light liquid separators, also known as oils separators, ​ are essential devices designed to remove oils and hydrocarbons from water prior to discharge.​

ACO light liquid separators are designed and constructed in compliance with EN 585 standards and undergo rigorous LGA institute laboratory testing. This ensures maximum safety and efficiency during their operations.​

Lighter oils rise to the surface while solids settle, allowing clean water to exit. They find use in industrial, parking, ​ and refueling facilities, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.​

Regular maintenance and disposal of collected substances are crucial for optimal function.​

By preventing hydrocarbon pollution in water bodies, light liquid separators contribute to preserving water quality and safeguarding aquatic ecosystems.​

Benefits of ACO light oils separators:​

  • Available in different material designs (polyethylene, glass reinforced plastic, concrete)​

  • Inner parts made of PE-HD​

  • Oil separator Class I/Class II compliant with EN 858​

  • All nominal sizes tested by external testing institutes LGA​

  • Optimal accessibility for maintenance, cleaning, and disposal due to removable coalescence cage​

  • Coalescence unit can be removed for cleaning without the need to empty separator​

  • Integrated sampling connection​

  • One-piece container construction​

Oleolift P Freestanding

When gravity discharge is not possible and water must be pumped to a different geodetical height.

Durable submersible pumps with metal impeller for high operational reliability and long product life.​

Oleosmart C

The filterless multichannel technology means that Oleosmart C requires virtually no maintenance.​

There is no need to interrupt operations for the purpose of cleaning the coalescence unit.​

Oleopator G

Efficient and space-saving, the light liquid separator Oleopator G operates effectively.​

The product range for Oleopator G is available in nominal sizes 3 to 50.​

ACO GRP Separator

ACO Oleolift-C | Animation

ACO Oleopators NS100+

ACO Light Liquid Separator SD

ACO Oleolift-C I 3in1 solution for water protection

ACO GRP Separators | Installation video