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ACO Light Liquid Separators

Light liquid separators, also known as oils separators, ​ are essential devices designed to remove oils and hydrocarbons from water prior to discharge.​

ACO light liquid separators are designed and constructed in compliance with EN 858 standards and undergo rigorous LGA institute laboratory testing. This ensures maximum safety and efficiency during their operations.​

Lighter oils rise to the surface while solids settle, allowing clean water to exit. They find use in industrial, parking, ​and refueling facilities, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.​

Regular maintenance and disposal of collected substances are crucial for optimal function.​

By preventing hydrocarbon pollution in water bodies, light liquid separators contribute to preserving water quality and safeguarding aquatic ecosystems.​

Benefits of ACO light oils separators:​

  • Available in different material designs (polyethylene, glass reinforced plastic, concrete)​

  • Inner parts made of PE-HD​

  • Oil separator Class I/Class II compliant with EN 858​

  • Products tested by external testing institutes LGA

  • Optimal accessibility for maintenance, cleaning, and disposal due to removable coalescence cage​

  • Coalescence unit can be removed for cleaning without the need to empty separator​

  • Integrated sampling connection​

  • One-piece container construction​

Oleolift P Freestanding

When gravity discharge is not possible and water must be pumped to a different geodetical height. Durable submersible pumps with metal impeller for high operational reliability and long product life. Suitable for different internal and external applications.


The filterless multichannel technology means that Oleosmart requires virtually no maintenance.​ There is no need to interrupt operations for the purpose of cleaning the coalescence unit.​
Product is available in GRP and concrete materials.


Efficient and space-saving, the light liquid separator Oleopator operates effectively.​ The product range for Oleopator is available in GRP and concrete, both vertical and horizontal versions in nominal sizes 3 to 300.​

Oleopator Bypass

Oleopator with integrated bypass system allows to transfer high flows occuring during high intensity rain events through bypass system without affecting the function of the Oleopator itself. Available in concrete, GRP and plastic tanks.

Oleopator P Freestanding

Due to its design, the ACO Freestanding Oleopator is an ideal solution for garages in shopping centres or residential houses where it can be installed in suitable place (e.g., Service room or in an underground shaft).

ACO GRP Separator

ACO Oleolift-C | Animation

ACO Oleopators NS100+

ACO Light Liquid Separator SD

ACO Oleolift-C I 3in1 solution for water protection