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References of ACOs expertise in Surface Water Management
See our products in action in these interesting case studies from all over the world!

Sankt Kjelds Square, Copenhagen • Denmark

ACO Multiline plays a vital role in the future-oriented project that is a part of Copenhagen's “climate district” initiative and centers around climate-adaptive drainage in urban areas.

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Passo d’Avenco and Quassolo tunnels

A project to ensure tunnels and human being by managing water in the respect of the Italian and European Decrees and Directives

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Fraport T3 Drainage of road surfaces in Cargo City • Germany

The ACO Oleosmart light liquid seperator with large, stilling basins and a sludge trap offers a highly reliable rainwater cleaning solution at Fraport. The sampling shaft promises easy maintenance.

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Dr. Pixley Ka Seme Memorial Hospital • South Africa

Royal Haskoning Durban approached ACO to provide a solution to trap light oil from a large Helipad at the Dr. Pixley Ka Seme Memorial Hospital in Durban, South Africa.

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Port Expansion Project Phase 1 in Tema • Ghana

The ACO Qmax 900 Q-flow is combined into a self-cleaning system in combination with S300 gratings and F900 manhole covers

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Tunnel Strazevica in Belgrad • Serbia

A combination of ACO products have been used to ensure safe and efficient drainage: ACO DRAIN® Monoblock, ACO Sludge Trap, , ACO Oilseparator Oleopator, ACO Procurat alarm device and ACO Flow control.

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Climate adaptive residential area Kamen • Germany

The ACO PowerDrain V275 and ACO Drain Road Gully play an important part in a climate friendly housing intiative and helps protect the area from negative consequences like the effects of overheating and flooding

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Electrical bus depot in Bogotá • Colombia

The ACO systemchain elements in action to provide sustainable drainage concept by combining collect, clean, hold and release

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El Dorado Airport in Bogotá • Colombia

The well planned installation of ACO Qmax enabled a ressource efficient modernization of the south american airport

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Jorge Newbery Airport in Buenos Aires • Argentina

The easy to install lightweight and high capacity ACO seperator plays an important part in protecting the ground water

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