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Engineering solutions for safety and efficiency​

Road tunnels are integral to modern transportation infrastructure, providing efficient and reliable passage for vehicles despite posing unique engineering and operational challenges.​

A well-designed and properly maintained drainage system is essential for ensuring the safety, functionality, and longevity of road tunnels. It helps mitigate water-related risks, minimizes disruptions to traffic flow, and protects tunnel infrastructure from water damage.​

Tunnel structures adhere to various guidelines and standards, prioritizing safety during emergencies. Swift and secure drainage of combustible and hazardous liquids is crucial to prevent significant harm to both the infrastructure and occupants.​

The design of tunnel drainage systems focuses on containing the spread of hazardous liquids locally to safeguard incoming rescue teams. While drainage of stormwater at the portal and vehicle runoff remains important, it is of secondary concern.​

Tunnel safety with ACO's advanced treatment solutions​

In the drainage of tunnel structures, the use of light liquid separators is essential for the safe diversion of stormwater. ACO‘s products are tailored to individual requirements, offering swift installation and renowned durability. Additionally, the storage of rainwater can serve as a valuable reserve for firefighting purposes, further enhancing safety measures.​

In Germany, the "Richtlinien für die Ausstattung und den Betrieb von Straßentunneln" (RABT) sets the benchmark for tunnel safety and design. The RABT guidelines encompass various aspects of tunnel safety and operation, including the management of water and drainage to prevent flooding, as well as the treatment of water to avoid environmental contamination.

Suitable Products for Tunnels​