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ACO DRAIN® Powerblock

In addition to maximum point loads, drainage systems are exposed to extremely high dynamic forces.

Europe's freight traffic is constantly increasing. But the more transport, the more transshipment – whether at industrial yards, in seaports or container depots. Heavyweights of up to 100 tons are constantly operated and roll over the areas with increasing frequency. This is a stress test for every drainage system. Accelerating, steering, braking – all of this constantly aff ects the frames, covers and sidewalls of the systems. Horizon-
tal thrust loads that arise, for example, from thermal expansion of the connected surfaces, also represent a load. The weather conditions – especially the harsh sea climate in ports, contribute their share of load as well.

The ACO solution:

A new type of channel system that combines the positive properties of our heavy-duty channels ACO PowerDrain and ACO Monoblock.

The best of everything. ACO DRAIN® Powerblock –
especially for applications in class F 900 and beyond. ACO is setting new standards in the area of heaviest loads.

ACO sets its own new standard for the drainage of areas with heaviest loads: The ACO 1000 logo includes its own test force of 1000 kN – which goes beyond the standard class F 900 according to DIN EN 1433.

ACO DRAIN® Powerblock, fit for use in applications with maximum load and highest requirements

  • made for extremely high point loads: durable safe in all heavy-duty applications
  • withstands high dynamic forces: maximum stability thanks to monolithic construction
  • maximum durability of the channel surface
    - no damage, thanks to a solid cast iron cover
  • large inlet cross section
    - high hydraulic performance even in heavy rain
  • cost-eff ective installation
    - economical thanks to the minimised amount of bedding concrete required and the direct direct installation of the surface

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