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Drainage from commercial light liquid separator systems below backflow level

Wether self-service washing places, washing areas of industrial and manufacturing companies, building yards, sports facilities or military: Where different vehicles are cleaned, dirty waste water occures. This is contaminated with fuel, lubricants, sludge, sediments and fine particles.

A light liquid separator removes contaminations like oil or petrol, leading the purified water into the sewer system. Depending on the degree of pollution, a sludge trap and/or cleaning system (e.g. sedimentation plant) is connected upstream the light liquid separator. A pump station ensures an appropriate backflow protectection at the end of the solution chain.

Solution with ACO pump station

Powerlift PSD-B-1500 made of reinforced concrete.
The pre-pumping station PSD with a deposit-free collecting tank made of reinforced concrete is best suited for this application. The height of station can be individually adjusted by means of manhole top and manhole compensation rings. Installation is possible up to a total installation depth of 9 m (depending on load class)