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This is how ACOs planning expertise helped to speed up the construction at Panattoni Airport
Collecting and infiltrating the rainwater from a large paved surface back into the groundwater makes a big contribution to groundwater recharge

The investor Panattoni Development Europe and the general contractor Dekpol SA, have announced the tender for design and delivery of the infiltration tank made by a box system to be built on site. Expected capacity was 1750 cubic meters and delivery had to be made within just 3 weeks at the end of 2020. ACO Poland was one of five invited manufacturers to provide a solution. The installation was planned to be installed under the lawn in a green field area of the logistic center, an ideal opportunity to design and quote based on the ACO Stormbrixx SD system. The final dimensions of the ACO Stormbrixx SD tank are 103.2 x 9.6x 1.83 meters. The tank collects the rainwater from a paved area of more than 50 000 square meters. We won the tender thanks to the unique modular ACO Stormbrixx system which is easy, fast and therefore provides an effective installation process. In operation the ACO Stormbrixx attenuation tank is easy to inspect and maintain.

Due to the harsh winter conditions the installation was finished during the the second half of February 2021. The installation took only 10 days. The ACO service included an onsite training of the construction workers before starting the assembly and the installation. Regular onsite support during the construction phase was also part of the cooperation between the contractor and the local ACO team. The contractor Dekpol is very satisfied with the support of the ACO services and the ACO Strombrixx SD system. We expect to deliver another project to the customer soon.

The strong partnership between our local distributor HTI Północ and the local ACO team was another important factor in our successful bid for the project.

Overall the installation is a reasonable investment for the operator and supports the positive ecological effect of returning the stormwater back into the natural water cycle.

The logistic park at Panattoni Gdańsk Airport has been in operation since the beginning of the April 2021. As spring is the rainy season in Gdańsk ACO Stormbrixx SD will contribute to environmental protection from the very beginning.

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