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Advanced treatment

There are areas where the concentration of harmful dissolved pollutants exceed allowed limits, and the installation of a sedimentation device is not enough for effective treatment. These areas are mainly industrial areas and areas with heavy traffic loads. Examples include industrial zones, logistics centers, train or bus stations, parking lots at commercial buildings, or busy road and highway infrastructures. When stormwater carries high concentrations of harmful dissolved pollutants, it is essential to remove those pollutant with an advanced treatment step before discharging, as untreated stormwater poses a threat to local water sources.

ACO Stormclean

ACO presents the ACO Stormclean stormwater filter as a compact solution to advanced stormwater treatment needs. Due to its small footprint, it is an attractive alternative to large above ground soil filters when space is at a premium. ACO Stormclean combines four crucial processes – sedimentation, filtration, adsorption, and precipitation – to ensure bound and dissolved pollutant are removed from stormwater.

ACO Filter Media Storm

At the core of ACO Stormclean is ACO Filter Media Storm, a stormwater filter material developed with the EU WFD (Water Framework Directive) at its heart to meet national certification schemes. A carefully engineered mixture of granule sizes allows the filter to remove small particle sizes without clogging. In addition, the choice of special granules capable of adsorbing key pollutants such as Zinc (Zn), Lead (Pb), Copper (Cu) and oil ensure dissolved pollutants are removed and retained by the filter. ACO Filter Material is suitable for use as a decentralised rainwater filter protecting surface waters and treatment before ground water infiltration, protecting precious ground water sources.