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Drainage of Tunnels

What must be considered designing tunnel drainage?

What properties must a channel have to conform to the technical rules for tunnel construction in your local market? In Germany f.e. it`s the RABT and ZTV-ING. What intake capacity will be required in the drainage system in the event of an accident? What happens to hazardous liquids collected by the drainage channel? How is safe and accessible is the access to the escape route? All ACO product systems for tunnel drainage provide answers to these and other questions. ACO is the world market leader in drainage technology and rises to the challenges in tunnel construction.

Special products have been developed for the drainage of tunnels and the connected infrastructure.
The wide range of climatic conditions in tunnels and the particular local environment require ecological and economic solutions. ACO tunnel drainage systems not only include standardised products such as the Monoblock T drainage channel, but also project-specific solutions including clean, hold a release products.

Where do flammabel liquids go?
Accident-safe tunnel channels

An important criterion for use of polymer concrete material in tunnels is the “non-flammable” classification. Building elements in tunnels are subject to the highest safety requirements in accordance with the European Tunnel Directive 2004/54/EC and the German RABT and ZTV-ING guidelines and regulations. ACO’s special polymer concrete mix fulfils these requirements. In case of an accident, especially with flammable liquids, escaping hazardous goods are carried from the road surface and into the subsurface along the shortest route by the tunnel drainage and are thus separated from the oxygen supply. The tunnel products are selected on a specific project basis, according to the requirements and circumstances and thus offer the greatest leeway for design and planning.

The special ACO polymer concrete mix is the first polymer concrete to conform to fire class A2-s1, d0 “non-flammable” to EN 13501-1.
The explosion classes to EN 206-1 and DIN 1045-2 required for tunnels are more than fulfilled by ACO polymer concrete.

ACO Tunnel case studies worldwide