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Smart and sustainable rainwater management with ACO
A combination of a special pavement "Climate tile" and a rainwater retention system create a state of the art rainwater management system.

A trickle turns into a torrent, streets flood uncontrollably and the water endangers buildings and people. This scenario is by no means fictitious, but becomes reality during heavy rainfall in our urban areas. In order to return rainwater to the natural water cycle in a controlled manner, relieve the burden on the sewage system and at the same time make urban spaces more attractive, ACO implemented the "Copenhagen Climate Tile" project in Copenhagen together with the Danish architectural firm TREDJE NATUR as a test installation. This has been successfully in operation for two years in Heimdalsgade in the Nørrebro district.

Realising visionary projects with ACO
This is a concept for a modern way of rainwater management, especially during heavy rain. A special pavement, the "Climate Tile" / "Klimafliese", catches the water. It is then drained into a rainwater retention system, built from the "ACO Stormbrixx" modular retention system. Modern sensor technology monitors the system online; a dashboard shows, among other things, the current weather on site, the water level and the degree of sedimentation in the retention tank. The collected data makes it possible to analyse correlations between weather events and their effects on the environment and to adjust the function of the entire system accordingly. The collected water is then reused to irrigate a planting bed as part of the entire system, which is planted with rubies and shrubs. In this way, the project also makes a significant contribution to improving the local microclimate.

ACO Stormbrixx modular infiltration and retention system
An important component of the "Copenhagen Climate Tile" concept is the modular ACO Stormbrixx infiltration and retention system, a technical solution for underground storage and infiltration of rainwater. For each category of application, a project-oriented and economical design of block storage or infiltration can be made. For standard applications, such as car parking areas with occasional overrun by emergency vehicles, the SD variant is an economical solution. The Stormbrixx HD system is used in areas with occasional heavy traffic.

Both variants of the modular ACO Stormbrixx system are particularly stable due to their system architecture. The basis of the system is formed by lightweight elements made of plastic. By laying the individual parts in a bond and with the help of an intelligent plug-in system, the positional stability of the entire system is established. The standardised elements can be used to create almost any type of infiltration block quickly and easily. During the installation of the Stormbrixx system in Copenhagen, another advantage came into play: the modular system allows Stormbrixx to be delivered, temporarily stored and installed in the excavation pit in a space-saving manner, even in narrow, inner-city areas.

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Information at a glance

Which products are used/ installed?

  • ACO Stormbrixx
  • ACO road gullies
  • ACO inspection and service shafts
  • ACO Q-Brake (Forwarding to ACO Tiefbau)
  • Monitoring system for the whole System chain

Which ACO department takes care of the project?

  • ACO Denmark / SWM

Which ACO department provided technical service?:

  • ACO Denmark / SWM

Which companies/ firms are involved?

  • Planner: Tredje Natur
  • Customer/ Investor: City of Copenhagen
  • Notes: Installation was accompanied by ACO with full service during planning and installation phase

When was the object build? How long is the construction period?

  • 2018