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This is how ACO helps to connect 35 million people each year
Efficient surface water drainage of the apron

As the El Dorado Airport is the main hub for passengers as well as cargo in Columbia, the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics initiated the expansion. This was the starting point of the most ambitious modernization and expansion project for the El Dorado Airport.

El Dorado is the third most important airport in Latin America in passenger transport. In 2019 it served over 35 million passengers and in 2018 more than 340000 tons of cargo. The expansion program also included 6 passenger bridges to increase the arrival and departure capacity, allowing greater comfort and efficiency at the most important air terminal in the country. Therefore, this project was of utmost importance and demanded reliable solutions.

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Information at a glance

Which products were used/ installed?

  • ACO Qmax

Who took care of the project?

  • ACO Colombia Commercial Department

Which ACO department provided technical service?

  • ACO Colombia Commercial Department

Which companies/ firms where involved?

  • Planner: Opain
  • Customer/Investor: Consorcio Constructor Nuevo Dorado
  • Contractor/Installer: AERONATICA CIVIL

When was the object build? How long was the construction period?

  • The project was realized in July of 2018 and took 60 days to complete