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Protecting lake Dzirnavu ezeriņš:
The ACOs system chain offers a complete solution for rainwater treatment.

Valmiera is the largest city of the historical Vidzeme region in Latvia. It is also a gateway to Gauja National Park. Valmiera main ‘street’ is the River Gauja that divides the city in two. Development in the city is based on the values: prosperity, the joy of living and the importance of nature.

The local municipality in this city was faced with a challenging task. To protect a local lake, Dzirnavu ezeriņš and its park from
water runoff polluted by oil coming from near urban infrastructure, they needed to develop a solution that would collect the heavy flows of rainwater runoff and separate the oil particles. The municipality did not deal with the runoff issue before declaring a public invitation to tender.

The modern solution consists of two GRP tanks Oleopator G-H NS 250/25000 which are simple and easy to operate in a limited space. They ensure that the lake and its surrounding nature does not get polluted.

A big challenge was to provide logistics that would deliver the products at the specific place and at the right time as there was no storage space available.

A complete rainwater management concept was created. Collect, clean, hold, release - these are the names of the four system chain stations with which ACO collects, cleans, holds and releases the surface water to downstream systems in a controlled manner. Efficient logistics and simple handling of the system components not only save costs and time, but also optimize workflows.

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Information at a glance

Which products were used/ installed?

  • ACO Mulitline
  • ACO collecting shaft
  • ACO separating shaft
  • ACO Oleopator G-H NS 250/25000 2 pcs

Which ACO department took care of the project?

  • ACO Latvia SWT Sales

Which ACO department provided technical service?

  • ACO Tabor and ACO Latvia

Which companies/ firms where involved?

  • Planner: “Ceļu Komforts”SIA Atis Berzins
  • Contractor/ Installer: Woltec SIA
  • Customer/ Investor: Valmiera Local Government

When was the object build? How long was the construction period?

  • Construction 2020/2021 they started 2020 October

About the ACO Group

A strong brand around the world. ACO stands for professional drainage, efficient cleaning, and the controlled discharge or reuse of water.

About ACO Surface Water Management

ACO Surface Water Management touches all 4 elements of the ACO system chain approach:
Collect – Clean – Hold – Reuse
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