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Mile high exceptations: ACO DRAIN® Monoblock as an allrounder at the airport in São Paulo
The heavy duty line drainage solution is a real multitalent: handling requirements for heavy rainfall as well as offering a high chemical resistance

Azul, the Brazilian airline, are set to begin construction of a new hangar to house their aircraft, this time at Viracopos International Airport, in Campinas / SP. The challenge faced by ACO was to offer a heavy duty drainage solution that could handle the requirements of both the exterior and interior of the hangar. The exterior has the potential for heavy rainfall and heavy air traffic, while aircraft are washed inside the hangar, which also includes a fire fighting system that can release more than 2 meters of foam.

More than 500 meters of channels from the ACO DRAIN® Monoblock line were supplied and accessories that facilitate installation and contribute to maintenance, such as access elements and sump units.

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Information at a glance

Which products were used/ installed?

  • ACO Monoblock® RD200 0.0, RD300 0.0 F900
  • Accessories

Which ACO department took care of the project?

  • Commercial and technical department

Which ACO department provided technical service?:

  • SWM technical department

Which companies/ firms where involved?

  • Azul Brazilian Airline (client company)
  • Libercon Engineering (Construction Company)

When was the object build? How long was the construction period?

  • The construction started in January 2019 and will be finished in April/Mai 2020.
    ACO drainage channels were installed in August 2019.