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Release & Reuse

Contemporary stormwater systems are innovatively designed not just for the effective conveyance od excess stormwater to avert flooding but also for the enhancement of water reuse.

It is crafted to bolster water reuse strategies, enabling the repurposing of collected rainwater for non-potable uses such as flushing toilets, irrigating landscapes, and supporting various industrial processes. A modular approach in these systems permits precise customizations to accommodate specific requirements for water accumulation, controlled release and subsequent reuse.

Such modularity in design ensures that solutions for stormwater management can be efficiently configured to collect and hold stormwater, which, after suitable treatment, can be reused. This flexibility guarantees that stormwater systems can adapt to diverse urban settings and service demands, ranging from residential communities to expansive urban projects.

Incorporating mechanisms for water storage-controlled release, and reuse within a singular, streamlined stormwater management system yields numerous advantages. This synergy simplifies the installation, diminishes the necessity to elaborate infrastructural overhauls, and is cost-effective in the long run.

The adoption of stormwater management systems is instrumental for municipalities and developers in fostering sustainable water management practices. Commitment to these advanced systems is a strategic investment in urban water management´s future, ensuring resilience, environmental compatibility, and enduring functionality.

ACO Powerlift G

Powerlift G is a standardized, modular, and compact pumping station designed to prioritize short delivery times, easy installation, reliable operation, accessible practical design, and a long lifespan.

The pumping station consists of all preinstalled equipment, including durable GRP tanks and covers, pumps, pedestals, lifting elements, pressure pipes, control systems and other optional accessories. ACO offers modular customized pumping stations assembled from standardized parts in a short time, or fully customized solutions tailored to specific project requirements.

The GRP tank is designed to with stand various conditions, including high groundwater levels, and supports load class covers up to DN 400.


  • Standardized, modular concept for tanks and accessories with short productions times
  • Light weight, easy transportation and installation onsite
  • Car traffic, pedestrian or light, or non walkable covers for green areas
  • All parts received in a single delivery with easy installation
  • Durable tanks with ability to resist high ground water levels
  • Variety of pump brands, setups and service opportunities
  • Synergy with other ACO products and chain solution deliveries
  • Easy accessibility and practical design

Suitable applications:

  • Gravity discharge is not possible, and water must be pumped to a different geodetical height;
  • Backflow protection is needed;
  • Combination of purposes is needed (such as accumulation or reuse)