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ACO DRAIN® Multiline NX

With the use of NEXITE® in the ACO DRAIN® family, we are adding an essential constituent to our multi-material competence. The triad of channel ranges incorporates polymer concrete, plastic and NEXITE®. They all feature a common use of the large variety of ACO Drainlock gratings. With this, we meet the extensive requirements of the market in terms of flexibility and cost-effectiveness.


  • Channel bodies made of newly developed ACO material NEXITE®

- Optimised packing density with finest fillers
- High material strength and load-bearing capacity
- Recyclable and environmentally certified (according to KIWA certificate BRL 5070)

  • Watertight channel run based on Seal in Technology (according to IKT certificate D01398)

- Integrated EPDM seal
- Easy to install
- Protection of groundwater and construction
- Controlled rainwater management

  • Improved self-cleaning due to V-cross section and continuously smooth channel invert
  • Compatible with all Drainlock gratings
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Material choice to suit your project!

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Material homogenity for edge protection and gratings

NEW!! Composite edge rail

The innovative composite edge rail opens completely new design possibilities, especially in the field of landscaping.

  • non-corrosive
  • colour stable
  • noise-reducing
  • compatible with boltless locking system Drainlock
  • in combination with composite grating our most sustainable variant

The ACO DRAIN® design kit

The design of the gratings in the ACO DRAIN® family supports the design of open spaces, building and infrastructure. To ensure the planner has the greatest possible design freedom we are constantly developing new products. In order to do this we keep a close eye on the direction in which design trends and new materials are developing. Besides the design of the surface, there are of course also many other complex details to consider. The outcome of our most recent focus is a modular design system with solutions for every application.

ACO Multiline grating configurator

The ACO Multiline grating configurator makes it possible for planners and architects to choose Multiline gratings according to visual criteria. All technical information regarding the selected Multiline Drainlock grating can be downloaded and saved in the object folder.

NEXITE®. concrete. a new generation

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Outstanding in design and application

ACO DRAIN® Multiline NX made of NEXITE® is based on a system idea that provides advantages for everyone: for planners, traders, contractors and building owners. Planners save time in the tendering process as the Multiline system concept enables a high degree of standardisation of the interfaces. Dealers benefit from the streamlined product range. Building owners enjoy sophisticated solutions for both design and construction. Multiline combines design diversity and high functionality with extreme durability.

Our ACO sales and consulting team is available to answer any further questions you may have.